The XTM 18 is a high performance rear exhaust buggy engine with twin needle rotary carburetor. There are four versions available: Pull-start & regular crank, pull-start & SG style crank, non pull-start & regular crank and non pull-start & SG style crank. All XTM Racing engines are designed for high power output and easy handling. The XTM Racing .18 engine features a dual ball bearing supported crankshaft, true ABC piston and sleeve, rotary carburetor, heat dissipating cylinder head and superb attention to detail and quality. 

Displacement: .17ci (2.74cc) 
Bore: 15.40mm 
Stroke: 14.70mm 
Top RPM: 32,000 
Power: 1.3hp 
Weight: 7.7oz. (non pull-start)
             9.5oz. (w/pull-start) 
XTM .18 Engine, Pull Start, Reg Shaft, Rear Exhaust, instock 99.99
Tear apart the competition with the 24.7! This no compromise, no limits engine breaks the rules of 1/8th scale engine tradition. We designed the 24.7 to bolt in where old, average 21's go. We gave it a pull start so it easily adapts to T-Maxx 21 conversion kits. Tired of the same old thing? Step up to the new generation!

The New head offers the following benifits!

Lower operating temperatures by as much as 50 degrees 
More consistent performance 
Slight power increase 
Longer piston / cylinder life 
XTM 24.7 Car Engine with Pull Start SG Shaft, in stock 110.00

Displacement: 24.7ci  
Bore: 17.5mm  
Stroke: 16.75mm  
Top RPM: 28,000  
Power: 2.6hp  
Weight: 13.23oz 
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Pit Tech Deluxe Truck Stand Black
instock,DTXC2379, 17.99


  This is the Pit Tech Deluxe Truck Stand in Black from Duratrax.  

FEATURES: Constructed of sturdy, high-impact polystyrene with aluminum center  
  Wide reinforced base and tall center post is ideal for monster trucks
  and 1/8 scale buggies and truggies  
  Rotating top plate with dropped center section to accomodate models  
  with uneven chassis  
  Molded rubber strips on upper plate grips chassis securely  
  Easily accessible extra-large parts tray  
  Disassembles to store flat when not in use, or to take to the track  

INCLUDES: Pit Tech Deluxe Truck Stand in Black from Duratrax  

SPECS: Length: 10" (254mm)  
  Width: 8" (203mm)  
  Height: 4.8" (121mm) 
Pit Tech Deluxe Truck Stand Blue, dtxc2380, instock 17.99
70392 Front Shock Tower Slash/Stampede 4x4, instock 10.95
70362 Rear Shock Tower Slash/Stampede/Rally, instock 10.95 4x4
70502 Spare Tire Carrier Black Slash 2WD/4x4, instock 14.95
73162 Axle Carriers Black 1/16 Slash, instock 12.95
73165 Axle Carriers Blue 1/16 Slash, instock 12.95
73862 Nerf Bars Black LCG Slash 2WD, INSTOCK, 8.75
73932 Body Mounts Adj Slash/Stampede 4x4, INSTOCK , 9.95
73952 Single Spare Tire Carrier Slash 2WD/4x4,
70992 Precision Camber Gauge, INSTOCK, 9.95
70860 No Clip Body Mounts Slash 2WD, INSTOCK
73622 ESC Cage for Mamba Monster X/Mamba, INSTOCK  Monster 2, 9.95 
80529 Gear Cover for Electric Versions Rustler/Stampede, 6.95 INSTOCK
Long Rod Ends (12), Black: TRA 1/10,Rally, INSTOCK 9.95
73282 H/D Rear A-Arms Black Bandit, INSTOCK, 11.95 
73985 Front Bumper Blue 1/16 E-Revo, INSTOCK, 8.95
73992 Rear Bumper Black 1/16 E-Revo, 8.95 INSTOCK 
80022 Fr Bumper+Skid Plate Blk Slash 4x4M, INSTOCK, 15.95
80025 Fr Bumper+Skid Plate Blue Slash 4x4, INSTOCK 15.95
80122 Rear Bumper Black Slash 4x4, INSTOCK, 14.95
80123 Rear Bumper Chrome Slash 4x4, INSTOCK, 15.95
80175 Long Body Mounts Blue T/E-Maxx, , INSTOCK 5.95
80182 Re A-Arms Blk Elec Rstlr/Stmpd (2), INSTOCK, 10.95 
80185 Re A-Arms Blue Elec Rstlr/Stmpd (2), INSTOCK, 10.95
80242 Fr A-Arms Blk Rstlr/Stmpd/Nitro Slash (2),
INSTOCK, 10.95
80245 Fr A-Arms Blue Rstlr/Stmpd/Nitro Slash (2), INSTOCK, 10.95 
80372 Fr Bearing Carriers Rstlr/Stmpd/Nitro Slash
80382 Re Bearing Carriers Rstlr/Stmpd/Slsh, INSTOCK, 8.95
80522 Gear Cover Black Slash/XL5/VXL, INSTOCK, 6.95
80525 Gear Cover Blue Slash/XL5/VXL, INSTOCK , 6.95
80592 Rear A-Arms Black Slash, INSTOCK, 11.95
80595 Rear A-Arms Blue Slash, INSTOCK 11.95
80622 Nerf Bars Black Slash/Slash 4X4, INSTOCK 7.95
​80702 Fr/Re A-Arms Black Slash/Stampede 4X4, 
INSTOCK, 11.95
80705 Fr/Re A-Arms Blue SlashStampede 4X4, INSTOCK 11.95
10131-13 Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc All Terrain Tires (2) Mn,  INSTOCK,
  This is a pair of Pro-Line Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc All Terrain Truck Tires  
  and Foam Inserts mounted to the Impulse Pro-Loc Wheels.  
FEATURES: Fits the front and rear of the Traxxas X-Maxx  
  All-new ultra-durable compound that prevents tire ballooning at high 
  All terrain tread best suited for loose & loamy dirt, mud or grass  
  Aggressive motocross-inspired appearance  
  Reinforced tire bead  
  Pro-Loc technology enables bead-loc screws to pass through the tire  
  rubber before tire is pinched by the outer beadlock ring for  
  maximum mounting security  
INCLUDES: Two Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc Tires  
  Two Foam Inserts  
  Two Impulse Pro-Loc Wheels, PROC6303  
SPECS: Height: 8.30" (211mm)  
  Width: 3.82" (97mm)  
3482-17 Pre-Cut 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Clear Box X-Maxx,
onorder 59.99
This is the Pro-Line Clear 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Body.  

FEATURES: Fits the Traxxas X-Maxx  
  Molded from genuine clear GE lexan  
  Aggressive scale body detail  
  Full color body trim and logo decal sheet  

INCLUDES: Clear 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Body  
  Decal and Window Mask Sheets  

REQUIRES: Body Reamer  
  Lexan safe spray or brush-on paint  

SPECS: Length: 27.7" (705mm)  
  Width: 9.7" (246mm)  
  Height: 7.5" (190mm)